Cape South is currently closed for refurbishment - Opening from 14th August.
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Cape South holistic health & wellness

Health & Wellness Retreat

Cape South is a holistic health and wellness retreat located within the beautiful natural environment of Cape Kidnappers, Hawke’s Bay, North Island, NZ. We specialise in caring for your needs and assisting you, as a whole and unique person, to achieve your full vital and creative potential. The nurturing, diagnostic support and individualised therapy you will receive during your stay at Cape South will provide you the opportunity to gain wellness on all levels of your being; physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.



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Retreats & Day Clinics

Choose a wellness retreat to suit. Day clinics and 2 to 7 day residential packages, or longer. Suitable for local, national and international clientele looking for a tailored health retreat

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Therapies & Treatments

We will guide you in choosing the therapies most suitable for your current needs, and ensure your visit to Cape South is effective, enjoyable and aligned with your budget and timelines

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The team

Our team brings together specialists of many different disciplines, including internationally leading professionals in natural health care and holistic therapies

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An exceptionally peaceful place. I came away feeling nurtured, nourished and needed. I left Cape South a stronger person.

Niels van Gijn


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